Blog Post 1 for Cinnamon & Chai

So I’m in love with the new Slinks Body Cinnamon and chai, if you tried them on you will notice that Chai has a pre defined SL uv and the feet don’t use it. Easy fix use the blenders and your feet should look fine. Chai is more of a petite body i would say and it show quite beautifully. Granted there is not a lot of stuff out for it but you can wear bakesonmesh items from Snatch and other companies that sell bom products.

So the Top and Pants are from Sn@tch, while the Stockings are old, who knows where the came from and the shoes are the new shoes from slink for the body. I’m also wearing Pumec skin and Catya Head in case you all were curious not necessarily a “looks” blog post but more of a rant about this new body. Check it out head over to slink, go to the counter in the middle of the store and right click and teleport to the cinnamon and chai body upstairs.